The hotel restaurant Al Poggio di Casalucense is in Sant’Elia Fiumerapido, a few kilometres from the National Park of Abruzzo, and 15 minutes by car from Cassino and is located near the Abbey of Montecassino; to reach the Gulf of Gaeta it is only 40 km away. For those who come from the A1 motorway the recommended exit is Cassino from where you proceed to the Cassino-Sora-Avezzano highway and exit at Sant’Elia F.Rapido. For those coming South on the Cassino-Sora-Avezzano highway the recommended exit is Belmonte Castello. The Hotel Restaurant is in a strategic position, near the Fiat factory of Cassino, close to the Sora-Avezzano highway and the A1 motorway. It is particularly easy to reach and it is a halfway point for those who wish to visit the main sights in the area, such as the CominoValley, the Abbey of Montecassino and the two most picturesque and characteristic seaside cities, Sperlonga and Gaeta.


The guest is a precious stone set on the cushion of hospitality. (Rex Stout)