Recently-Build Hotel in Cassino, furnished in modern style

Located on a hilltop, surrounded by greenery, each room offers an enchanting view of the landscape. All the rooms of this hotel inCassino have a theme, and are inspired by flowers, from which they get their name, colours and delicate motif, therefore pastel colours on the walls and furnishings, in order to give the delightful sensation of an oasis of beauty and peace.

Rooms as precious as flowers

Each room has a view of the magnificent garden or surrounding wood and is equipped with every kind of comfort, with air-conditioner, hair dryer, Wi-Fi connection, telephone and mini bar. Deciding to stay in the splendid Margherite or Magnolie room or even in the Lilla suite, means sleeping, immersing yourself in the peace and lush vegetation a few kilometres away from the National Park of Abruzzo, enjoying the facilities, luxury and pleasures of a four–star hotel, but at lower prices. The suites come with multi-sensory shower or Jacuzzi, sauna and private balcony, they are completely soundproof and have hardwood floors, for a romantic or relaxing holiday. An excellent breakfast is served in the panoramic dining rooms of the restaurant, where you can have lunch or dinner and taste the restaurant’s exquisite cuisine.

Hotel near the Abbey of Montecassino

The hotel has a convenient position close to the Abbey of Montecassino, but it is also easy to reach the Fiat factory. Situated close to the Sora-Avezzano highway and the A1 motorway, a few kilometres from the toll house of Cassino.

  • Margherite
    This charming room inspired by daisies is a double room with an extra single bed. It has a panoramic view of MountCifalco, a mountain more than 947 metres high, overlooking... € 130
  • Biancospini
    The style of this room is delicate and refined like the flower which inspires it: the hawthorn. Comfortable room suitable for a family or a group of four people. € 150
  • Mimose
    This double room is Deluxe, which means that it is particularly comfortable and offers a lovely panorama overlooking the garden, thanks to its spacious terrace, perfect for breakfast, to enjoy... € 130
  • Magnolie
    Double room plus two Deluxe beds, with a terrace which offers an extensive view of the foot of MountCairo and the garden. € 160
  • Gelsomini
    Double room plus two Deluxe beds, with a terrace which offers an extensive view of the foot of MountCairo and the garden. MountCairo is a majestic summit robed with beech trees. € 120
  • Gerani
    A double room with a large balcony overlooking the greenery and MountCifalco, a mountain which offers a luxuriant landscape. € 120
  • Oleandri
    This charming room with a view is recommended for calm and longer stays, since it offers all the necessary comforts. € 100
  • Camelie
    This is a standard double room, with facilities suitable for people with disabilities. It is a comfortable room, with contemporary style wooden furniture. € 130
  • Ortensie
    This splendid room inspired by hydrangeas, from which it gets its colours and delicacy for its furnishings, offers a lovely view. € 120
  • Rose
    Elegant Deluxe double room, with private scenic balcony. Furnished in romantic style and is one of the prettiest rooms, with the soft colours of the flower it is inspired by. € 130
  • Begonie
    This room is elegantly furnished and is a wonderful haven for couples or travellers who wish to pamper themselves. € 130
  • Dalie
    This charming room was designed to facilitate the stay of people who have difficulty walking. Furnished in a warm romantic style with wooden furniture and warm hardwood floors. € 130
  • Girasoli
    The Girasoli Room is a standard room equipped with every comfort, furnished with bright colours, as its name recalls. € 150
  • Petunie
    This room is inspired by the warm and intense colours of the flower which inspires it. € 130
  • Narcisi
    The marvellous Narcisi room is a standard room, but like all the other rooms in the hotel it has an extraordinary delicacy, refined yet simple furnishings, with wooden furniture, hardwood...
  • Orchidee
    This is the total well-being room. Large, decorated in the soft colours of wisteria, wooden furniture, warm hardwood floors and facilities of every kind, which allow you to enjoy a... € 250
  • Lilla
    Suite in the pretty and delicate shades of lilac. With refined furniture, it is a cozy room with a charming balcony with a scenic view to enjoy while having a... € 130
  • Glicine
    Suite with balcony overlooking garden, hardwood floor and two-seat Jacuzzi on sight, bathroom with multi-sensory shower. € 180


The guest is a precious stone set on the cushion of hospitality. (Rex Stout)